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Verdicts & Settlements

A Louisiana man who was struck in the face by a flying trucker bar while working on a job site in Bayonne received an award of $1.8 million.  just before a scheduled trial in Hudson County Superior Court in Jersey City before Superior Court Presiding Judge Mary Costello.

According to the plaintiff’s attorney, Kathleen Reilly of the Brady, Brady & Reilly law firm of Kearny, the plaintiff, who was age 26, was working as an employee at a project in Bayonne, NJ.  He was assigned to assist in a job unloading a flatbed truck loaded by another subcontractor.  His job was working to put shackles on tanks to off load them from the truck. He was on the flatbed trailer, on a ladder 6 feet from the base of the trailer. The ladder was propped up against the tank.  He was not aware of the presence of an employee of one of the other companies who was working from the street level on the other side of the tanks, standing beside the trailer.  That employee failed to warn Reilly’s client of his presence and the use of a cheater pipe.  Ms. Reilly’s client was struck by bar which negligently flew out of the other worker’s hands when he was unable to control it causing serious injuries.  He was treated at Bayonne Hospital and transferred to Jersey City Medical Center because of the severity of his injuries.

He suffered a depressed skull fracture with extensive facial trauma including fractures around the orbit of his right eye and underwent facial and brain surgery as well as jaw surgery.  He suffered a traumatic brain injury.  He had a bone graph from his hip implanted in his jaw, fractured five teeth and was left with numbness in specific areas of his face including severely limited movement to the right side of his face.

The injured worker was employed in the oil and gas industry but has not been able to resume similar employment since the incident.  The case was scheduled to go to trial in Jersey City on January 25, 2016 when the settlement of $1,800,000.00 was reached.

$435,000 settlement during trial in May 2011 for woman who suffered herniated discs in neck requiring spinal stabilization surgery as the result of a motor vehicle accident in Belleville, NJ

NJ$650,000 verdict for plaintiff who suffered herniated disc in low back requiring spinal stabilization surgery and a labral tear in the shoulder as the result of rear end hit motor vehicle accident in Bayonne, New Jersey, February, 2010

$485,000 settlement at trial in November 2011 for man injured when he fell in open hole at a construction site in Union City, NJ suffering serious fracture with compartment syndrome in left arm

$350,000 settlement on third day of trial in Hudson County, NJ for plaintiff suffering aggravation of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or Regional Pain Syndrome following intersection car accident, February, 2010

$1,243,891.38 Verdict for Plaintiff in Hudson County when plaintiff bicyclist was struck by limousine and Plaintiff required a knee replacement and radio frequency ablation spinal procedures and was not able to return to work, June, 2008

$6 Million verdict in March 2009 in a construction accident case representing plaintiff who suffered permanent wrist injury following serious fracture from fall at unprotected opening at construction site

$425,000 Settlement at trial in June 2009 of slip and fall in supermarket where client suffered a hip injury when she fell on loose grapes

$900,000.00 settlement on first day of trial, July 2009 for postal maintenance worker who was injured in rear end hit auto accident which left him with herniated discs which required spinal stabilization surgery, 2009

65,000 verdict in October 2009 in an automobile accident case representing plaintiff who suffered herniated disc in neck with numbness and radiculopathy following rear end hit automobile accident

$475,000 settlement in October 2009 for individual suffering herniated disc and shoulder injuries following accident in which his truck was struck in the rear by a fully loaded cement truck

$1.5 Million For Fall at Convenience Store
A Kearny woman who was knocked over by a loaded hand truck in a Harrison convenience store, received an award of $1.5 million after a trial was started in Hudson County Superior Court in Jersey City before the Honorable Lourdes Santiago.

According to the plaintiff’s attorney, Kathleen Reilly of the Brady, Brady & Reilly law firm of Kearny, the plaintiff, who was age 58, entered the store on December 12, 2008 and had just purchased a cup of coffee at the Hess store in Harrison, when she was struck in the ankle by a hand truck which was being operated by a delivery man, Terence Key, who was an employee of McLane Company of Temple, Texas. After being struck, she lost her balance and fell. A Hess cashier reported the incident but said that the plaintiff had backed into the hand truck and the operator of the hand truck denied hitting the woman.

The plaintiff suffered lower back pain from aggravation of degeneration which was previously asymptomatic. An MRI showed herniations at L4-5 and L5-S1. Treatment was undertaken by an orthopedist and chiropractor before the plaintiff was referred to an orthopedic surgeon who performed a lumbar laminectomy in August of 2009. Subsequent to that surgery, according to Kathleen Reilly, leaking spinal fluid required a second operation days later.

Ultimately, the plaintiff was diagnosed with a failed back syndrome and further surgery was performed in April of 2010 to remove bone and insert a plate and screws.

The plaintiff, who was employed at the time as a clerk for a taxi cab company, was not able to resume her employment since the incident. In addition to the surgeries that were performed at Overlook Hospital in Summit, additional time was spent by the plaintiff rehabbing at Clara Maass Continuing Care Center in Kearny.

The lawyer for the trucking company, McLane Company, Inc., was Lorne Reiter of Fair Haven, New Jersey.

$1.8 Million settlement in January, 2016 for a 26 year old man who was struck in the face by a flying trucker bar while working unloading a tank on a job site in Bayonne, NJ, suffering facial and skull fractures as well as traumatic brain injury.

$390,000 settlement in January, 2016 for 18 year old woman who suffered a tear to her ulnar collateral ligament in the thumb of her right hand in a car accident.

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